The Wind Through the Keyhole – Stephen King

I managed to surprise myself earlier this week by picking up to read Stephen King’s new Dark Tower story. I was looking for some light reading and the nostalgia factor kicked in, I guess, sealing the deal. The Dark Tower books are special for me in the way only stories read in teenage years can be. For when you are still that young and feel nigh immortal, you read differently, don’t ya, sai? You tend to imagine and live through worlds and characters more intensely, you empathize more on a purely gut level. Even though you still have much to learn about the arts of reading and living, or maybe exactly because you are still so unburdened. Some of those worlds, not necessarily conjured by the best of writers, live on in your mind with greater vividness, fading with time, but potent nevertheless. For me, Mid-World, Gilead and the Dark Tower multiverse as a whole are such worlds. I always associate them, through the eyes of Roland and his ka-tet, with psychological images of particular poignancy, archetypal and mythical even. Continue reading