My first blog post

In which nothing too important will be said, but I figured there should be one, inevitably. So, welcome to my new and first blog. Who am I? My name is Alexander, I am 24, some may know me as Random from my work in ShadowDance, a Bulgarian fan-zine for fantasy, science fiction and all things even vaguely speculative. I love to read and occasionally to write, both critical reviews and my own fiction. This is what you can expect to find here. As a graduate student, I also dabble in (quasi-)scientific writing, which means that some posts more scientific than fictional (but only slightly so) might occasionally creep in. The fields that interest me particularly are Linguistics, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence and Critical Theory. And, of course, any form of Futurism.

Another important bit of information about me is that, obviously, I’m not a native speaker of English. While I do intend to continue writing in Bulgarian, in ShadowDance or elsewhere, this blog will hopefully help me write more and better in the language that I predominantly read in. So, please, allow for some leniency. Any constructive feedback will be greatly appreciated, regardless of whether it comments on my aesthetics or clumsiness with grammar.

I hope you enjoy the blog!


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